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Accused of “Not Being Default”


Judge: “In the case, World vs Kris, is the World ready to start closing arguments?”

World: “We are, Judge.”

Judge: ” Please proceed.”

World: “Members of the Jury, you have heard evidence from a number of witnesses, from family to friends and colleagues, of the accused, so-called Kris, living as a woman till the age of 55. As you have learnt, the accused had been registered at birth under her given name, but now assumes the name ‘Kris’ as a ‘chosen’ name. You also heard testimony that the accused had lived with women in two long-term relationships, as a closeted ‘Lesbian’. Then, when the accused turned 56, she had a bilateral mastectomy, or so called ‘top surgery.’ (Sarcastic smile for the Jury’s benefit).

“After all these years, the accused is now claiming to be a transgender person and even though she is not openly announcing it, she is also not concealing it. It would be a bit difficult, having no breasts anymore.” (Sneer, with laughter from the gallery).

Judge: (bangs gavel). “Silence in court!”

World: “Furthermore, there is no acknowledgement whatsoever by friends or family, of this altered state of gender the accused claims to be. We could find nobody other than the partner of the accused, whose testimony is not allowed by means of being prejudiced, willing to testify on behalf of the accused.

“The World urges you, Judge, to find the accused Guilty on a charge of not being a Default Woman and Guilty on a second charge of having disfigured her female body by having it surgically altered. We also demand that the accused being found Guilty on a third charge, that of assuming the label of ‘Lesbian’ or ‘Butch, neither of which, including variants, are allowed in our Default Society. The World demands that you sentence her, Judge, to live as a Default Woman till the day she dies. Thank you.”

Judge: “Defense?”

Defense: “Judge, you have heard my client’s testimony that they never could identity as ‘female’, for as far back as their earliest memory. And I am using my client’s preferred pronouns, they, them and their, unlike my ‘learned’ colleague, who insisted on using gendered pronouns.” (Gestures towards the World).

“My client grew up as a single child of elderly, devoted, Christian parents in a South African society where religion ruled; not only at home, but in the politics of the governing party of the country as well. My client led a sheltered life and was a shy, lonely child who escaped into their own world through reading. During the years that they were a young adult and even into their middle-age, the country lived under heavy censure of Apartheid laws, which kept television banned till the mid-seventies. You have heard testimony on The Publications Control Board that was introduced in 1963, just a few years after my client was born, which had a team of censors authorized to ban films and books considered a threat to public morals or security. My client was never exposed to any, and I emphasize any, transgender people, neither in the media, nor in the daily, sheltered rural circles in which they moved.

“They had lived with deep, unjust guilt for intuiting being other than the ‘Default’ imposed by society. This notion my client could not describe or name, let alone conceptualize acknowledging and living as a transgender person.

“After a failed attempt at ending the guilt by taking their own life, they were fortunate to be referred to an open-minded therapist, who guided them through the fogginess of anger, frustration and fear, to the dawning of self-realization.

“Set loose from the chains and blinkers that were imposed by circumstances, my client at last could acknowledge to themself that they are transgender. I implore you, Members of the Jury, to find my client Innocent on all charges, and to let them live freely the rest of their life in the way they choose, without fear, without prejudice and with acceptance. Thank you.”

Judge: “Members of the Jury, you have heard the closing arguments of the Prosecutor and the Defense. I now ask you to Consider your Verdict.”


Author: Kris

Hi! I'm Kris. I live in South Africa with my life partner of 27+ years, whom I call B or Madam in my posts. We have a Pug dog child, Remi, also known as Pooch, who has graced and enriched our lives for the past 12 years.

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