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B and I are both romantics at heart to a greater or lesser extent – she lesser, me greater. With Valentine’s Day coming up, we talked about gifts to each other – shall we? And if so, what?

Bunny eating flowers

My mother had a neighbour who always complained after she had been given flowers. “You can’t eat flowers,” was her usual grumble.  B loves flowers, but she knows the exorbitant cost of a bunch nowadays, so she told me, “No flowers.” Now I am fully aware that when a women says, “No”, she almost always means, “Yes,” or even, “Of course, you twit, why do you even ask?!” But this time she said it in that emphatic tone of voice that tells me she means what she says.

I know that she would love chocolates, but have you seen the price of those minuscule hart-shaped  chocolates? It is to die for! The price, not the chocolates. So she is getting a slab of chocolate with a red cover – I’ll just nibble off the edges for her so it looks like a heart. Not acceptable? Tough. She will love it and my creativity.

Purse with stringsWhen we discussed gifts, the very tight purse strings was on top of the list of discussion points. We have to pay off the mortgage on the house and there are quite a few major home improvements we still need to do, like painting the inside of the house, paving, replacing the roof of the back porch, and… and… and… Just when we think we have enough money for the next project, the fridge decides to give up the ghost. [Does a fridge have a soul? Where do fridge souls go – the North Pole? Never mind, I am getting sidetracked here]. Or our oversized domestic steps on pooch’s leg. [Nothing broken, just a painful and stiff elbow, so she walks like Jake the Peg with his extra leg, probably to get more sympathy. Poor baby. Poor purse. Why are animal doctors more expensive than human doctors? Sorry, I’m going off on another tangent again].

In the end we decided: no gifts. Just lunch at our favourite (and cheapest) steakhouse – ribs and chips. [That’s fries in Americanese – from where do Americans get these weird words? Venus? Mars? Pluto? (The Disney one, not the planet!) 😀 Oops, another diversion].

Where was I? Oh, the lack of gifts. Yeah, none, zero, zilch, nada. But then, with the house being covered in dust from the tiling project reaching completion in the kitchen, I took a pic of the progress and while looking at it, we both realized: the mosaic tiles we had chosen, are red. A Valentine’s red. We smiled at each other – our Valentine’s gift to each other: red tiles in the kitchen. Steaming hot, don’t you agree? 😀

Now if I can only get B to cook…


Author: Kris

Hi! I'm Kris. I live in South Africa with my life partner of 27+ years, whom I call B or Madam in my posts. We have a Pug dog child, Remi, also known as Pooch, who has graced and enriched our lives for the past 12 years.

17 thoughts on “Red steaming hot Valentine’s Day

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day Kris! We don’t do gifts either. In fact, I’m home alone (well, with DD-16), but the hubs went to visit his parents (his dad has been in hospital for several weeks and still isn’t well). Now, if we were into the business of giving gifts, I’d give him chocolates and he’d give me chocolates and we’d eat them together whilst watching a detictive.
    Red tiles in the kitchen sound sizzling hot!


  2. My gift to Donna is a clean dog. We’ve got lots of very dirty snow in NYC and even though Gracie is a black dog (and as the french said about underwear “black is black”) she is a very black with a sticky tacky belly. She also hates HATES getting a bath, and i have to take it with her, because she is 35 lbs of squirmy uncooperative mutt. There is a red ribbon and some cheese and crackers for all 3 of us afterward.


    • Sounds like good, clean fun! I know about uncooperative wet dogs – we had a Labrador a few years ago and she soaked up the water, only to have us shower as soon as we let her go. And wet dog smells pungent. Enjoy the cheese and crackers! Hope Donna is healing fast.


  3. Sounds like a holiday at our house. We are more likely to buy something for the house — like a new comforter for the bed. Or maybe go out to dinner and a movie. Roses would just be eaten by the kittens anyway. Enjoy your lunch out.


  4. It sounds like you can hear the fine distinction between “no” and “NO”. 🙂

    As far as B cooking, well, does she like to cook? lol I ask because I hate the kitchen so cooking is a form of torture for me….. 🙂


    • Oh, yes, B has 50 shades between no and NO, each with a different tone. 😀 She is with you on the torture – the kitchen is a place for the kettle and the fridge, not to cook in. Meals are things other people prepare and place in front of her. She has me well trained!

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      • Oh wow yes, that’s me! (And I also have 50 shades between no and NO). it’s great that you get her. I hope she gets you as well. 🙂


        • I don’t always get her – the manual about how a woman’s mind work, will never be written in infinity! She almost always gets me, but there has to be some mystery in relationships, don’t you think? 😉 And I am not referring to secrets, just a keep-you-guessing game.

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        • Most definitely- if everyone knew everything about each other….things would get boring. 🙂


  5. Gifts don’t have to be tangible things. Time spent together is a gift. Building a life together is a gift. A hug is a gift. You get the idea. For anniversaries we often get an “us” gift instead of individual items. One year we got rocking chairs for our front porch that symbolized growing old together as well as filling a need for new chairs for our porch. Whatever you do she will love because you put your heart into it and thought of her. My partner said I didn’t have to get her a gift this year too but why should I start listening to her now? Besides, we all know she didn’t really mean that. 😉 Happy V Day.


    • Yes, and time is a gift as well. As she is our home executive, B values the gift of my time (I am away from home from 06:30-16:30). I love the idea of rocking chairs. Rocking into the golden years has huge appeal. 🙂 Happy V day too!


  6. I’m with you on everything except “when a woman says no she almost always means yes.” Wrong, friend. When i say no I mean no. End of discussion.