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How about an onion? Or two? Or three?


“Treatment with fresh onion juice has been reported to promote testosterone production…”

As I have decided against T for various personal reasons, I have been reading up on potential testosterone-boosting herbs and foods.


Ya’ all have a lot of T, don’t ya, ginseng guys?

I had some juvenile fun reading about common names of herbs like Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium) and Long Jack (Tongkat Ali). Oh, come on! Admit you get those mental images too!

Now doesn’t ginseng just look to be able to do the trick?!

Then my eye caught the sentence, “Eat a lot of high curvaceous vegetables.” Since I’m a big fan of curvaceous, especially with reference to women, I read on. The writer was referring to broccoli. Oh, well…

One of the interesting snippets of information I came across, was that in a rat study, researchers found that rats fed with onion juice tripled their testosterone levels. (I can dig out the paper if you really insist! 🙂 ).

I'm a LOT bigger than this guy!

I’m a LOT bigger than this guy!


Now I am a humongous rat, so I was wondering just how much onion juice I would have to consume daily to have some kind of effect. Glasses? Liters? Lakes full?

And what effect would it have on my body should I consume huge amounts of vegetables generating flatus and fetid body odour, like onion, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, garlic and cabbage, which are all T-boosters? Would I blow up like the Hindenburg, pungent like a garbage tip? And we all know of it’s disastrous end… (You don’t? Check out our good pal Wikipedia. I sometimes forget I’m a Baby Boomer!).


Is this what I can expect?!

The faceless “They” say, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” An onion a day, keeps everybody away?

At least it will help hair growth and the garlic will keep the ghosts at bay…


Maybe mushrooms?

Should I or shouldn’t I?

Any of you guys using herbal T supplements?


Author: Kris

Hi! I'm Kris. I live in South Africa with my life partner of 27+ years, whom I call B or Madam in my posts. We have a Pug dog child, Remi, also known as Pooch, who has graced and enriched our lives for the past 12 years.

8 thoughts on “How about an onion? Or two? Or three?

  1. I would rather get the top surgery and at least the complete hysterectomy and testosterone. I would rather put up with the cardio health affects of taking T then continue the risk of breast and gynecological cancers (though all three run in the family 😀 )


  2. *chortles* … Oh, the humanity! … you’d just have to stay away from large metal towers!


  3. No herbal T supplements, but my body feels much better now that my estrogen levels are down from menopause/peri-menopause. Actually, I felt great right after I had my hysto for fibroids (even though I kept the ovaries) – it may be because the hormones enter the bloodstream differently, but much less moody.
    The biggest differences in my appearance come from working out (decent shoulder and back muscles) and losing weight, and cutting down on my drinking. I’m very wary of mucking around with my hormones, and I’m generally drug averse (I try not to take antibiotics, antidepressants, etc.). I’m curious to hear what you find out.


  4. Kris – now that I’ve stopped laughing and can write – I am not doing herbal boosts and look forward to hearing from those that do. Ido however eat a lot of veggies especially those listed (interesting to know they boost t). I love onion and garlic and when younger ate onion like an apple. I can attest to a change in body odor from consuming large amounts of these two. The rest… I think you r safe. And personally I do not find onion/ garlic body odor offensive.


    • Sky, eating onions like apples? But then you’ve been different all along! 🙂 Good to know you don’t find the body odour offensive, should we ever meet in person! Take care.