Tangled Web

Deceptions of a transgender guy



Two people clinging to a thread

Once we’d wake up every day
And smiled remembering
How we loved the night away
Now we look for small talk
When it’s time to dim the light
Then we both pretend we’re tired
We can always love some other night

So we wake up in the morning
And we go our separate ways
Present in our silence
As the music softly plays
Each day like the day before
We tell ourselves
We’ll try once more
Till once again we lie here
Barely touching in our bed
We’re just two people
Clinging to a thread

And so we just pretend a bit
And we never say the words
That spell the end of it
Still we go on trying
To fan the dying spark

And sometimes

Even reach out

For each other in the dark

Written by Harry Lloyd Gloria Sklerov 


You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em

For a long time I’ve had this niggling little voice in my mind, “Life is passing you by.” The more I thought about it, the more I agreed. I am almost 60 and the last 28 years madam and I have been together, I have worked full-time. That means I was away from home for almost 10 hours on a working day. And I am tired of office politics after 35 working years.

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Mouth sewn shut


That of which we do not speak

Trigger warning: self harm.

Back story: For a large part of my life, a companion has been appearing in my mind, guiding me through stressful times. I could describe him, for it is unmistakably a male figure, as an angel, as he has wings of a kind. But an angel, he made clear, he definitely is not.  Continue reading